Thanks to the generosity and support of The Royal London Yacht Club, investment bank LionTree, and volunteers within the Etchells Class Association, young, talented sailors who aspire to race one design keelboats at the highest level are invited to apply for access to a fully race-prepared Etchells keelboat for the Cowes Etchells Fleet 2017 racing season.

Success at the trials means that the selected teams can benefit from the use of their own boat and participate in a full programme of competitive racing with entry fees and boat-yard costs covered by the class.

In the past 5 years, over 230 youths have competed in an Etchells in Cowes, with a significant number experiencing top level Etchells racing in Newport, USA, Hong Kong, Miami, Italy and Australia.

Entries are now being accepted for the Youth Trials to be held in Cowes on 1-2 April 2017.

Cowes Etchells youth sailors once again notched up superb results in a National Match Racing Championship last weekend. Although we don’t match race Etchells in Cowes, the skills learnt in the super competitive Etchells fleet transfer easily into match racing. For 4 years now, Etchells match racers have won World, European and National match racing titles.

Last weekend was no exception: Etchells sailors dominated the RYA British Match Racing Championships with Mark Lees, Toby Mumford, James Dodd ,Toby Yeabsley and Matt Hallam making-up the winning squad.

Ten other Etchells sailors were also well-placed in the event: Quintin Bes-Green, Kate Deveraux, Fiona Hampshire, Ali Hinds, Honor Fell,Tom Williams, Jack Preece, Jack Davies Hannah Peters, and Jonty Cook

Etchells youth sailors, we salute you! WELL DONE !!

oct19 miketill sRegarded marine artist, accomplished sailor and class leader in the Etchells fleet among others, Mike Till, 77, passed away at home on 10th October 2016 after a tough bout with bowel cancer. He passed away surrounded by his adoring wife Kathy and his children. Sailing and organizing sailing events were a key part of Mike’s life. He never let his illness slow him, whether it be sailing his XOD two weeks before, sailing with 360 other Finn at their World Championship in May, or working on a disabled sailing regatta.

A regular on the Etchells podium both nationally and internationally, Mike played key roles as Chairman of the British Etchells Association from 2003-2008, representing the British contingent as a Governor in the international governing body, and a number of important roles for the Cowes fleet. He organized 2007 World championships for the Class and pushed hard to build fleets on mainland Europe.

Mike started sailing Etchells in the late 80s, becoming Cowes Fleet Captain and helped rapidly expand the class ahead of the 1996, 2001 and 2007 World Championships based from Cowes and Lymington. He encouraged others to get out on the water by generously lending his boat. A late starter at sailing, he began in a Wayfarer sharpening his skills while raising two daughters, and progressed his way up the fleet. Always quick to help new sailors to each class he sailed, he was a welcoming figure for many to learn how to ply their boats faster, using the knowledge he accumulated. Prior to sailing, Mike was an accomplished cyclist – a sport he continued competitively for a long while – and a Kent county cross country runner.

2016 Etchells World Championship
Hosted by the Royal London Yacht Club

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(11th September, Cowes UK) The overall winner of the 2016 Etchells World Championship is John Bertrand (AUS), representing the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, with a crew of Paul Blowers (GBR) and Ben Lamb (AUS).

“It's been a roller coaster ride.” said Bertrand winning his second Etchells Worlds at 69 years of age. “This is a team that was only put together for the worlds and it is so nice to gel together and get better and better. Tom Slingsby was on the bow when I won in 2010, this year, we have Ben Lamb, who grew up with Tom, and he has been incredible this week. Paul (Blowers) knows these waters so well. Winning the worlds is fantastic because of the people who compete, there are sailors from all over the world and from every aspect of the sport. Thanks should go to the organisers and supporters of the Etchells Worlds, especially David Franks who should be running every world championship. They have produced a fantastic, well run and very enjoyable event.”

Runner up at the Etchells Worlds for the second year in a row, was Steve Benjamin (USA), representing the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, with a crew of Michael Menninger , Ian Liberty and George Peet (all USA). “The best team won, you can't say fairer than that.” said Benjamin. “I love coming to Cowes, it is one of my favourite places to sail anywhere in the world and this week, we have had a real mix of conditions, well done to John and his team, they deserve it.”

Third was Noel Drennan (AUS), representing the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, with a crew of Brian Hammersley and Andrew Mills (both GBR).

Race 9 was won by John Bertrand's team. In 2nd was Pedro Andrade (POR), with a team of Henry Bagnall and Charles Nankin, representing the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein, Germany. In third place was Ante Razmilovic (GBR) representing the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Italy, with a team of Chris Larson and Stuart Flinn.

Final top ten:

1. Triad2, John Bertrand / Paul Blowers / Ben Lamb, AUS, 53.0
2. Scimitar, Stephen Benjamin / Michael Menninger / Ian Liberty / George Peet, USA, 69.0
3. Matatu, Noel Drennan / Brian Hammersley / Andrew Mills, SIN, 78.0
4. Swedish Blue, Ante Razmilovic / Chris Larson / Stuart Flinn, GBR, 81.0
5. Racer X 2, Mark Thornburrow / Mike Huang / Malcolm Page / Simon Cooke, HKG, 82.0
6. TQUILA, Seamus McHugh / Luis Doreste / David Vera Vera / Leo Ramio, SUI, 89.0
7. Tango, Chris Hampton / Sam Haines / Mark Andrews, AUS, 96.0
8. Aretas, Skip Dieball / Jon McClean / Jeff Eiber, USA, 99.0
9. Alfie, Lawrie Smith / Joost Houweling / Tim Tavinor, GBR, 114.0
10. Feng Shui, Andrew Wills / Anatole Masfen / Matthew Kelway, NZL, 114.0

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