2016 Etchells World Championship
Hosted by the Royal London Yacht Club

(10th September, Cowes UK) The overall winner of the 2016 Etchells World Championship, hosted by the Royal London Yacht Club, is John Bertrand (AUS), representing the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, with a crew of Paul Blowers (GBR) and Ben Lamb (AUS). In 2nd is Steve Benjamin (USA), representing the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, with a crew of Michael Menninger , Ian Liberty and George Peet (all USA). In 3rd is Noel Drennan (AUS), representing the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, with a crew of Brian Hammersley and Andrew Mills (both GBR).

On the final day of the 2016 Etchells World Championship, Race 9 was won by John Bertrand's team. 2nd was Pedro Andrade (POR), with a team of Henry Bagnall and Charles Nankin, representing the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein, Germany was second. In 3rd was Ante Razmilovic (GBR) representing the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Italy, with a team of Chris Larson and Stuart Flinn.

All results are provisional.

A full report will follow tonight's Justerini & Brooks Champagne Reception at the Royal London Yacht Club and Grand Prize Giving & Gala Dinner at the Royal Yacht Squadron.

1. Triad2, John Bertrand / Paul Blowers / Ben Lamb, AUS, 53.0
2. Scimitar, Stephen Benjamin / Michael Menninger / Ian Liberty / George Peet, USA, 69.0
3. Matatu, Noel Drennan / Brian Hammersley / Andrew Mills, SIN, 78.0
4. Swedish Blue, Ante Razmilovic / Chris Larson / Stuart Flinn, GBR, 81.0
5. Racer X 2, Mark Thornburrow / Mike Huang / Malcolm Page / Simon Cooke, HKG, 82.0
6. TQUILA, Seamus McHugh / Luis Doreste / David Vera Vera / Leo Ramio, SUI, 89.0
7. Tango, Chris Hampton / Sam Haines / Mark Andrews, AUS, 96.0
8. Aretas, Skip Dieball / Jon McClean / Jeff Eiber, USA, 99.0
9. Alfie, Lawrie Smith / Joost Houweling / Tim Tavinor, GBR, 114.0
10. Feng Shui, Andrew Wills / Anatole Masfen / Matthew Kelway, NZL, 114.0

For full provisional results: www.2016.etchellsworlds.org

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