For over 30 years the International Etchells Fleet has been the world’s leading international one-design keelboat outside of the Olympic classes. Predominantly owner-driven by enthusiastic and loyal supporters of the class association, the fleet has strict one-design credentials and an annual six sail limit thereby making it a cost effective but highly competitive class.

The Etchells is a fast sleek stable racing sloop which can be sailed competitively by 3 or 4 average sailors. It can tack through 70 degrees and its low wetted surface hull keeps moving in the slightest breeze in 20 plus knots it absolutely flies. It is trailerable and easy to maintain and light enough to dry sail. The annual World Championship (Sydney 2012 - Italy 2013 - New York YC 2014 and Hong Kong 2015) is a showcase for international talent from fifty fleets worldwide.

1400 boats have been built and the rules ensure that older boats remain competitive allowing newcomers to join with a modest investment. Family teams, young talent, sailing greats (such as Dennis Conner, John Bertrand and Russell Coutts) and Saturday afternoon club sailors all enjoy racing in the boat, 30 feet of pure sailing machine, which planes downwind when it’s windy and slips along in the light.

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The Etchells is an exciting, friendly class to join with some of the most competitive racing available. If you would like to join an Etchells fleet in the UK, please download the membership form. If you would like more information, please go to our CONTACT page and ask away - members always want to help

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