Southern Area Championship 2023



The southern area championship unfortunately, consisted of just 3 races on the Sunday due to light airs and 180 degree shifts on the race area on the Saturday!

The Sunday however, was a bit of a waiting game early in the morning with doubts of sailing for the 16 strong fleet.  Then, a good 10 knots from the south/southwest filled in with enough time to complete 3 good races.

The first race was a very tough line favouring the port end with 3 of the top boats being UFD’d. Corinthian team No Dramas, skippered by Andrew Lawson ended up with the bullet. With the top youth team for the event Shamal, skippered by Julia Staite, and Simon Patterson on Standfast, to complete the top 3.

Race 2 saw a change of confidence with boats keeping safely the correct side of the line. A 20 degree shift up the first beat meant that the teams on the right side of the course gained considerable control over the teams that opted to go for the left of the course. Top 3 for race 2 in order was Shaun Frohlich ( Exabyte), Vita Heathcote (Audrey) and Chris Hampton ( Tango).

For race 3, the starboard end of the line was heavily favoured this time, with a lot of teams struggling to find enough room to start. With the wind a bit steadier from the southwest it was important to stay fast and clean. The team on Jolly Roger came out very strong to take the win. With David Maclean, who had a very impressive days racing, in 2nd and No Dramas in 3rd.

Overall, the top 3 was:
1st – Shaun Frohlich, DuncanTruswell, James Hemmingway
2nd – David Maclean, Sul Sahota, Paul Childs
3rd ( also Corinthian winners) – Andrew Lawson, Dave Kelly, Billy Russell

Top youth team- Julia Staite, Leo Wilkinson, Ben Bradley, Duncan Gregor

David Maclean once again put on a great evening’s social and supper at the Cowes Corinthian Club. A big Thank you to him, and the club for some great pool matches! And a special mention to the Royal Thames race committee who did a great job in challenging conditions, under the lead of Tim Hancock.


Jack Lewis

Pictures courtesy of Mark Wayte-Smith