Bedrock Trophy 2022



The UK Etchells fleet gathered for the Bedrock Trophy on the the 14th/15th of May.

Saturday started with  light winds and a 2 hour delay till the sea breeze kicked in at 3pm. Despite the delayed start, the Royal Southern race committee managed to get two races completed for the 14 boat fleet.

Sunday’s weather brought strong wind and rain for the majority of the day. The 14 Etchells hit the water at 10:30am and completed four races despite the lack of sun. 

Congratulations to Mila sailed  by Lawrie Smith, Richard Parslow, Goncalo Almeida and Ben Saxton for overall winners.  Shamal sailed by Anthony Parke, Ross Mackley, Josie Meredith and Carys Randeria were the first Corinthian boat. 

The next Etchells event is Southern Areas Championships on the 4th/5th of June.